Stayonday - suites




  1. Reservations can be made by phone or email on having acknowledged these regulations.
  2. The confirmation of your stay lasting up to 7 days is made by the down payment of the rate for the first day.
  3. The confirmation of your stay lasting over 7 days is made by the down payment of 25 per cent of the rate for the whole stay.
  4. By making the down payment the payer, hereafter referred to as the Guest, confirms and accepts these regulations.
  5. In case the Guest cancels their reservation earlier than 3 days before the date of their arrival, the dawn payment is returned to the Guest. After this date the down payment is not returnable.
  6. By failing to turn up on the prearranged date, the Guest cancels their reservation. In this case the down payment is not returnable.



  1. Check in time - 2 p.m., check out time - 10 a.m.. In certain situations there is a possibility of an individual arrangement.
  2. As there is no reception desk, the arrival time, picking up and returning the keys must be arranged beforehand.
  3. The payment for the stay is made at check-in in cash, or by showing the receipt of the payment into the account.
  4. The transfers should be made into the account:
    ul. Milczańska 18
    61-131 Poznań
    Multibank, nr konta: 71 1140 2017 0000 4902 0616 9587
  5. Credit and charge cards are not accepted.
  6. VAT invoices are issued at the Guest's request.



  1. The number of the people staying in the suite must not exceed the number given in the offer. The only exception are children under 10 years of age. Any irregularities in this regard will result in the Guest being asked to leave the suite immediately. The Guest, therefore, loses all the money paid for their stay.
  2. At the Guest's request there is a possibility of putting an additional bed for a child under 3 years of age. This option, however, must be confirmed beforehand.



Animals are not accepted.



  1. The final clearing up of the room is included in the price. Nevertheless, the guest is obliged to leave the dishes and other kitchen utensils clean as theses actions are not a part of the final clearing up.
  2. The charge for electricity and the Internet is included in the price.
  3. In case the stay exceeds a week, the replacement of the towels and sheets is made at the Guest's request once a week.



  1. All the Guests are obliged to respect the norms of social coexistence including quiet hours (10.00 p.m. to 6 a.m.).
  2. The Guest who has done damage in the suite is obliged to pay compensation.
  3. In case the Guest loses the keys to the suite, they are obliged to pay PLN 300 in compensation.



All the Guest's personal data will only be used in order to make a reservation and will not be made available to any third party.